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The National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. Since 1934, The National Beta Club has awarded students national recognition for their high academic achievement while equipping them to be the leaders of tomorrow. National Junior Beta is divided into two divisions: Elementary Division 1 includes grades 4-5 and Junior Division 2 includes grades 6-8. National Senior Beta includes grades 9-12.


Beta Club meetings will be held on the second Friday of each month from 1:20-2:00.


The scholastic requirements for membership in this chapter of The National Junior Beta Club shall be 3.70 overall GPA.

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.70 at each grading period.

Overall conduct must be satisfactory.

  • A member of this chapter of the Beta Club may be dropped from membership if he/she is absent, without justifiable reason, from two regular consecutive meetings.
  • A member of this chapter of The National Beta Club may be dropped from membership if his scholastic record falls below 3.70; however, no member may be dropped from membership for scholastic deficiency without being on a probationary period  to raise their scholastic record above the minimum required for membership. If a student is placed on probation or suspension for academics more than once in a school year, membership will be terminated. They may also be terminated if they do not raise their scholastic record above the minimum required for membership after being on probation.

The executive committee of Kay Pace Jr. Beta Club may drop a member from membership for moral or disciplinary reasons that are deemed by them, to be sufficient.

Membership fees of $50.00. Please inform me if making installments will be more feasible for you.

Once names are submitted, no late payments can be accepted. 

Membership fees include the following: 

National Membership Fee, Beta Club Shirt, and a Beta Club lapel pin.


“Let Us Lead By Serving Others” is the motto of the National Beta Club. All Beta members will be required to perform community service. We will have several service projects that we will perform at school and students will be expected to perform service projects outside of school. 

Each Beta member is responsible for 20 hours of community service.  After your Induction ceremony, you are responsible for 15 hours.

Community service facilities we will connect with are:

  • Calvary Refuge Center (raise funds through a penny challenge)
  • Rainbow House, Inc (create care packages through donations of washcloths, bath towels, deodorant, hair brushes, socks, etc.)
  • Atlanta Children’s Shelter (donations of unwrapped toy)
  • Wellspring Living (donations of coats)
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