First Grade

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*Here you will be able to view standards for each content area as well as Pace expectations.


Welcome to First Grade! We are so excited to begin this year together. Your child will grow socially, emotionally, creatively, and academically. Get ready for a fun-filled and amazing year!

Expectations: We expect for our students to complete their homework every night, follow all school and classroom rules, read at least 20 minutes every day, portray their very best at all times, and respect all peers and adults.

Our standards-based curriculum consists of:

  • Reading- Author’s purpose, Sequencing, Main Idea, Summarizing, Cause/Effect, Drawing Conclusions, Making Inferences, Theme, Plot, and, Fact/Opinion
  • Writing- narrative, opinion, and informational
  • Math- Extend the counting sequence, Represent and interpret data, Reason with shapes and their attributes, Measure length indirectly by iterating length units, Understand place value to the hundreds place, Tell and write time, Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction, and Money (penny, nickel, and dime)
  • Science- Seasons, Weather, Magnets, Light, Sound, and Basic needs of Plants and Animals
  • Social Studies-
    • Landforms: mountains, deserts, valleys, and coasts
    • Patriotism: Songs, and concepts of liberty, freedom, etc.
    • Oceans and Continents: City, County, State, and country
    • Producers and Consumers: Goods, services, scarcity, saving and spending
    • Historical Figures in American History: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark with Sacagawea, Ruby Bridges, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington Carver

Assessment types:

  • DIBELS Next (beginning, middle, end of year)
  • iReady Reading and Math (beginning, middle, end of year)
  • STAR Reading and Math (beginning, middle, end of year)
  • Formative assessments
  • Common assessments
  • Unit assessments
  • Spelling tests
  • Vocabulary Quizzes

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