Kay Pace School of the Arts strives to develop within each student a desire for self-improvement and to provide each learner with the skills necessary to realize this desire.  Providing for intellectual, personal, social, physical, and emotional growth is necessary in nurturing the whole child toward life-long learning, acceptance of self, respect for others, and responsible citizenship.

Realizing that a sound, balanced, and positive foundation in all academic areas is essential, the teacher should provide a flexible, creative atmosphere with a variety of materials to ensure that each child has opportunities to develop skills and understand concepts through a combination of learning modalities.  The potential of each child will be attained by utilizing a full complement of support services staffed by personnel with specialized areas of expertise serving those students with special needs.  Early intervention is crucial to the students at risk; therefore, needs are evaluated at an early level.  Remediation is accomplished through special education programs, modifications in the regular classroom, and the use of technology.

Since the ability to communicate and cooperate effectively with others is recognized as essential to productivity in today's work place, the faculty and staff strive to integrate the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing into all areas of the curriculum.  Hands-on activities and manipulative materials facilitate the need for concept development in math and science.  Critical thinking, self-discipline, and working with others to achieve individual, whole class, small group, and cooperative learning activities and projects.

The school also believes that the professionals, paraprofessionals, support personnel, parents, community, and students should join together in support of the educational process.  The school should communicate its goals and purposes to the community and utilize its services and resources to better serve each child.  The school is an important part of the community, and the child is the most important part of the school.  Therefore, the home, community, and school have the responsibility of educating and preparing the student for a meaningful life.

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